Nora Fatehi Deepfake Video: Actress Left Distraught as She Falls Victim

Nora Fatehi Deepfake Video: The deepfake video of Nora Fatehi has gone viral, following in the footsteps of actresses Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, and Priyanka Chopra.

This video shows Nora endorsing a clothesline. On her Instagram account, Nora posted a snapshot of this deepfake video. “Shocking, this is not me,” said Nora in the post she shared.

Nora Fatehi Deepfake Video
Nora Fatehi Deepfake Video

A Nora video has become very popular. She is seen promoting a fashion brand in this. This video tells you that the season sale is almost over. The video that Nora has created is excellent. This video contains manipulated footage of Nora’s face, voice, and body language. Everyone in the room believes it to be Nora.

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Based on the details provided by NDTV, this deepfake film was produced by a fashion business. That company has denied all of the accusations. The business has clarified that we tried to raise people’s awareness.

The person who created the deepfake video of Rashmika Mandanna was taken into custody by Delhi Police on Saturday, January 20. This Andhra Pradesh resident has been taken into custody by the Delhi Police’s Special Cell section, IFSO.

On December 6, a video of Rashmika that showed her face became viral. Rashmika then shared this video on social media to show her worry. The face of Rashmika was placed over the body of British influencer Zara Patel.

A deepfake video of actor Sonu Sood has gone viral. In this video, a fraudulent person is seen asking for money from people. Sonu Sood himself had given information about this by sharing this video.

A few days ago, a deepfake of Sachin Tendulkar was used for an ad for an app. However, Sonu Sood’s case was different. In this deepfake, money was being demanded from common people. The process of cheating people in the name of Sonu Sood had started.

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