10+ Best Color Prediction Games Websites and Apps

Playing games and earning money has become a big trend among youth nowadays. Several websites pay you a good amount of money just for playing games.

Isn’t it interesting? This article covers almost 17 websites that pay a decent amount of money to predict colors. These types of games are known as color prediction games. Just by predicting the right colors, you get cash.

You have two minutes to choose one color. You will receive twice as much money if the expected color appears next.

So, one can earn a good sum of money by predicting colors using this method. You can join the Telegram channels or watch some YouTube videos to get ideas about the prediction and other tricks.

17 Colour Prediction Games

Let’s check out the websites of color prediction games in more detail.

1. VClub

Vclub allows you to earn money by guessing the correct colors. The amount earned can be withdrawn through Paytm.

VClub App

It’s also important to mention the top-notch refer-and-earn scheme offered by the Vclub. You can refer your friends, and if any of them opt to top off their wallets or recharge their phones, you will receive 121 rupees (INR) as a commission.


  • Options for rapid removal
  • Referral program feature
  • The Indian government has granted VClub a certificate for its legitimate operation.


  • The most you may earn in one session is 10 rupees.
  • Players must deposit 200 rupees into their accounts to withdraw their winnings.

2. Mantrimall

Mantri Mall is yet another online money-making game that involves predicting colors. You need to make a rational assumption as to which color will be displayed on the screen next, just like in any other color prediction game.


Mantrimall provides four types of predictions to play: Parity, Sapre, Bcone, and Emred. Mantrimall also has an appealing refer-and-earn option that lets you get rewards for referring friends. You will receive a bonus of Rs. 138 if someone signs up using your referral link and recharges their account. And if they refer more people, and those referred people also recharge their accounts, you will get a commission for their gameplay, too. The more people who come under you in the referral chain, the more commission you will get.

Your winnings can be withdrawn with ease. All you have to do is log into your account and visit the “My” section. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw by selecting “Wallet and Withdrawal” from the menu. You must disclose your bank or UPI information. 1000 rupees is the minimum withdrawal amount. You can only withdraw a limited amount at a time, and there are various withdrawal fees.


  1. A low investment is needed.
  2. Simple and easy to play
  3. Opportunity to earn more every day
  4. Refer and earn options
  5. Convenient withdrawal process


  1. High risk of losing money
  2. Dependence on luck
  3. It can be an Addiction for others
  4. Lack of transparency

3. Fiewin

Fiewin offers 2.5-minute and rapid 30-second color prediction games. As a result, if you lack patience, you can play Fast Parity. It’s fun to play Andar Bahar as well. Fiewin offers five different categories of games that you can play to win money. Games with color prediction include dice, andar bahar, minesweeper, and circle, all spin-wheel win games.


The fact that Spin and Win is a luck-based online cash game is another reason why people enjoy playing it. The best characteristic of Fiewin is that it offers the quickest withdrawal times. Five minutes after clicking withdraw, the money appears in your bank account.

4. Zeus989

One of the top referral-and-earning schemes in the marketplace is offered by Zeus989. You can recommend friends, and if any of your suggested friends recharge their phones or add money to their wallets, you will receive INR 50 as payment for the referral. Your ability to grow your income will earn you a fifty rupee sign-up bonus. Paytm cash is available for free.

Free 50 INR is a deal that is only available to new Zeus989.com users. New users need a member account, an IP address, a name, and a bank card to join.

5. Daman

Daman is One Of The Best color Predictions in India. Daman is a casino game. Many people have shared their personal experiences in the Daman game. You can play online by downloading the Daman App. Daman is a very good color prediction app on which you can easily earn 20k–30k a month by working properly.



  • Start Prediction with Only 1 Rs
  • Fast Withdrawal (Most of the time, money comes to your account within an hour.)
  • No Withdrawal Fee (You can withdraw as much as you want in this game without any withdrawal fee.)
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Very Good Promotion Mission (Earn More than 4 Lakh for Complete Promotion Task)
  • Promotion Bonus to 5 Levels
  • Every two months, new events come up in which you can participate and earn up to 6 lakh.

6. Rxce

Rxce is a color prediction game like Mantrimall and Daman, where you can make money by making color predictions. Other games in this game make it fascinating in addition to this one. The three colors available for the RXCE App are green, red, and violet. Additionally, you can make money by making predictions about the Aviator and Lucky Hit. Play in accordance with your own luck since this game is dependent on it.


  • Play Multiple Game
  • Apart From color Prediction, Much More Game Available in Rxce App
  • play Call of Duty & Free Fire Tournament


  • Only 2 Level Bonus
  • Not Good Customer Service Available

7. Colorwiz

Colorwiz is a color prediction game with exciting features. You can play a lot of additional games in addition to this color prediction game. You can make money by playing, but there are risks associated with all types of gambling, so play wisely. It’s pretty simple to use this application.


  • Simple Interface to Play Game
  • App Available in Dark & Light Mode


  • Customer Support is Not Good
  • Payment System is Also Very Slow
  • Only 2 Levels Bonus

8. Joymall

Joymall is another enjoyable game that requires you to predict the next color. This is a similar app to the many color prediction apps we have previously mentioned. You must anticipate the next color; if you are successful, you will be rewarded. In addition to the color, you may also estimate the number, and if you’re right, you’ll get a good payout.


  • Many Games Available to PlaySimple Interface


  • Only 2 Levels Bonus
  • Customer Support is Not Reachable
  • The promotion bonus could have been better

9. Winmoney

Winmoney is a color prediction game similar to Mantrimall. You can play the Winmoney Colour Prediction Game in several ways in Party, Bcone, and Sapre. You can also join the game’s official Telegram channel if you like. On their Telegram channel, color predictions are made three times a day, and you may see which ones you can play.


  • Official Telegram Channel Prediction Available
  • Invite Members First Recharge Bonus
  • Bonus Up to 3 Level


  • Start Prediction With Rs 10
  • Sometimes, people on the Telegram official channel get a huge loss.
  • Not a Good Support System is Available

10. Cooe


The Cooe app is one of the famous apps. In this Cooe app, we have withdrawn more than Rs. 1 lakh amount in our bank cash. Here, you can play various games like Dragon vs Tiger, Andar Bahar, Color Prediction, Aviator, and soccer. Play every game and win a real amount.

11. Flipwin


In addition to the color prediction game, it also has a refer-and-earn program that allows players to win more incentives by inviting friends to FieWin. To ensure that everyone in the referral chain may profit from suggesting users to the apps, it offers three layers of referral programs.

12. Reliance Mall

Reliance Mall

An updated prediction gaming application from Reliance Mall has recently gained a lot of popularity. Given that it incorporates the brand name “Reliance,” the name looks to be pretty well known. This app offers Rs. 50 registration bonus. Utilizing the referral option will also earn you money. You will receive Rs. 200 from the app for each referral.

The game is available as an app, but if you don’t want to use up all of your phone’s capacity, you can play it on any browser, such as Chrome.

By simply signing onto the app each day, you can earn Rs. 2 in addition to the daily check-in incentive. The app has a straightforward, clear, and approachable user interface. Although it occasionally requires some time, the cash deposit and withdrawal process is swift and easy. To withdraw your winnings, you can add your UPI ID or bank account.

13. CWin


It is a game with similar game concepts to other apps in the market. In this app, you also have to predict the colors of the next few blocks to be added to the Cwin grid. If your prediction is correct, you earn points. These points you earn can be converted to money, and then you can transfer them to your Paytm wallet.

Cwin app has some unique features that make it stand out and different from the other color prediction apps. They have something called the CWin Agent Crore Cash Growth Plan. This plan is available for all users, and by using it, you can earn well through it. The plan is divided into 8 levels, and each level offers a good reward.

14. BCone

BCone is another website for predicting colors that may be used to make money with a modest investment. It is accessible on both Android and iOS devices. This software also made an effort to keep the user interface (UI) friendly so that users could play the game, make investments, and withdraw money with ease.

The fact that BCone provides a variety of game modes, including Single, Multi, and 100x, is one of its distinctive features. And yes, much like other apps, this one has a referral program where you can get money by getting your friends to download and use the app.

However, some users have complained about technical difficulties and slow processing while using the app. So, you must try it on your device and check what issues you are facing.

15. Yoswin


The newest online money-making app is called Yoshwin, and it lets you make money by playing parity-colour prediction games and games about plane crashes. If you don’t want to make money through color prediction, you may still make money by telling your friends about our app and getting paid a commission.

There are two prediction games available. The first is a game of color prediction, while the second is a game of number prediction.

While there is a 50/50 probability of winning with color prediction, there is only a 10% chance of winning with number prediction, but the incentives are bigger.

The Color Prediction game also comes in two different time-based variations called Fast and Prediction. You have 30 seconds to make a prediction while using Fast. Additionally, you must choose the result of the Prediction every 90 seconds.

16. RoyalWin App

RoyalWin App

Another great free online color prediction game is the RoyalWin app. The fact that you don’t need to recharge this app is its best feature. Instead, as soon as you sign up for this app, you will receive a Rs 100 bonus. Additionally, even if you are not playing, you can withdraw. Remember that there is no longer a reward for downloading the Royalwin app. However, this software has five levels of commission.

17. Cockfightgame


Cockfight games offer a different chance to make money while playing games. You only need to estimate the color of the upcoming card correctly; no additional abilities or knowledge are required. You’ll get paid if you’re right.

There are more opportunities to win and larger rewards the more games you play. Anyone may start making additional money with Cockfightgame. People may easily make money using Cockfightgame. All you need is a smartphone to get started.


Color prediction games are getting more and more popular since they provide players with the chance to make some additional cash in addition to having fun.

Players may anticipate which colors will be popular in these games. Participants can win a sizeable reward if they accurately forecast the hues that will be in high demand.


What are games that forecast colors?

A color prediction game is an app or website that allows players to double their money by correctly guessing the color. Red, Green, and Violet are the only colors in the game that may be guessed. Each prediction takes three minutes. Therefore, in order to receive awards or actual money, one must correctly guess the following color

Is the game of color prediction real?

As these platforms offer participants instant money, one can question their legitimacy. These games closely resemble pyramid schemes in that new players’ money is gathered to pay the early participants. This pattern of trading, investing, and earning makes it trustworthy.

Do color prediction games give real money?

The winners of some of these online games receive prizes and vouchers. However, some websites also offer real-time payment options using online wallets.

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