25 Best Gaming Apps to Earn Money

Are you looking for gaming apps to earn money? You landed in the right place. Let’s Start: India is a country with lots of youngsters. Let’s say ambitious youngsters who have the enthusiasm to follow their passion and earn. Passion to do something unique that can entertain the world. One such thing is gaming.

A lot of people between the ages of 15 and 50 have a keen interest in playing online games. They like to play games on PCs, desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and much more.

It is assumed that the Indian gaming industry will cross $5 billion in the coming two years, in 2025.

Hence, we have a lot of golden opportunities to earn from the gaming industry in India. Today, we will note down what apps you can use to earn a lot from gaming apps.

Let’s now discuss the 25 top gaming applications in India that can help you earn more with time:

1. Mobile Premier League:

Mobile Premier League
image source: Mobile Premier League

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is one of the top gaming applications in India to earn free cash and rewards on your Paytm account. This gaming app offers 60+ games that can help you earn money for your PayTM account. It has different game genres such as fantasy sports, arcade games, sports play, cards, puzzles, and lots more for you. Some of the popular MPL games are poker, Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Rummy, Fantasy Cricket, and more.

The Mobile Premier League (MPL) app is available on Android and iOS devices. This app provides daily free practice contests against opponents for games and they also arrange cash contests for users. MPL offers something to every user no matter what game you play such as Snakes & Ladders offers up to Rs. 30 Crores in the Daily Winnings category. MPL Call Break offers up to Rs. 20 crores in Daily Winnings and so on.

2. My11Circle:

image source: My11Circle

My11Circle is an online interesting fantasy sporting platform that allows its users to create their own teams and compete with opponents for real cash prizes. This gaming platform offers different game formats like Fantasy Football, Fantasy Cricket, and Fantasy Kabaddi.  Also, it has advanced features such as leaderboards, custom league games, instant withdrawals, and many more. It gives a user-friendly interface and is available for both iOS and Android. 

3. PayTM First Games:

PayTM First Games
image source: PayTM First Games

Launched in 2022, PayTM First Games is an online game application for game lovers all across India. Developed by PayTM, it offers a variety of games such as fantasy sports, poker, rummy, cricket, ludo, and many more. Just like other online gaming applications, it offers leader-board challenges, daily practice as well as live tournaments, rewards, cash prizes, bonuses, and lots more. Players can use UPI and PayTM methods to deposit or withdraw cash they won from the game. This app is available for iOS as well as Android.

4. Winzo:

image source: Winzo

Winzo is one of the most famous mobile gaming applications in India. This game app has many games for players. Players can win real prizes, cash, bonuses, and rewards. Only available for iOS 13.0 or; later versions, the Winzo app has games such as rummy, poker, Ludo, Teen Patti, and many more. Players can make their teams and compete with peers, family members, and friends. Also, they can connect with random people across the globe.

5. Dream11:

image source: Dream11

Well, almost everyone who is a fan of cricket matches and Men in Blue must have heard about the Dream11 gaming app. Dream11 is an Indian fantasy sports gaming application that allows players to play fantasy cricket, basketball, hockey, kabaddi, and football. Players can create a virtual team of real players and they can also earn points. They earn points based on real-life players’ performances in the matches. The user with the maximum points till the end of a match wins the contest or series. Dream11 has a special feature for users to participate in paid contests with rewards and cash prizes.

6. Striker:

image source: Striker

Striker is also one of the most famous online fantasy cricket apps in India. People call it an “Advanced version of Fantasy Cricket”. In this gaming application, players can make their fantasy and customized cricket teams to win a lot of rewards, cash prizes, and trade player cards to earn more and more money from the app marketplace. There is one unique feature in the Striker app. A player gets player cards and the fantasy cricket team has five player cards and not 11. The Striker marketplace helps a player buy, sell, or rent player cards to earn real cash.

7. Carrom Clash:

Carrom Clash
image source: Carrom Clash

Well, when we were kids, we used to play a lot of carroms using the beauty powder, chasing the queen. Same way, Carrom Clash is one of the most interesting and nostalgia-centric apps for carrom lovers. It is a fun online money-earning gaming app in India. The game has a realistic user gaming experience and offers a user-friendly interface. Professional carrom players can also join carrom tournaments against world leader players. 1V1 mode is applicable while playing Carrom Clash with real players online.

8. 8-Ball Pool:

8 Ball Pool
image source: 8-Ball Pool

Developed, managed, and published by Miniclip, 8 Ball Pool is the world’s biggest and most famous pool game played by millions of players around the world. The main objective and goal of this game is to pot all 15 balls in the pockets. Players can compete with family, and friends against each other. There is a wide range of challenges, tournaments, and leagues to participate in the same. It is available for Android and iOS users.

9. MX Player:

MX Player
image source: MX Player

MX Player is a renowned video player and gaming application for users. With the help of MX Player, players can take part and compete with each other in tournaments, chat with each other while playing, and participate in leagues. The platform also gives tips, tutorials, and tricks to improve the game of its participants.

10. PokerBaazi:

image source: PokerBaazi

As the name says, PokerBaazi is a poker gaming platform and app in India. It offers a large range of poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and many more. The gaming platform has tournaments, Sit & Go’s, cash games, and many more. PokerBaazi is designed and developed to provide a secure player for players. This gaming app has bonuses, cash prizes, and unlimited rewards for the players.

11. Ludo Supreme:

Ludo Supreme
image source: Ludo Supreme

Well, Covid-19 has made us huge fans of the Ludo game. So, most of the Indians are a fan of the Ludo game. Now, the Ludo game has become even more interesting as the player can win unlimited rewards while playing Ludo. Ludo Supreme is indeed the one to earn. You get the opportunity to play with your peer group, friends, and family members to earn extra reward points by winning the match. A player can show off their skills in tournaments and compete with friends. Match only lasts for 10 minutes and a player can win from Rs.2/- to Rs. 150/- for winning every match. They send you cash on PayTM. 

Ludo Supreme lets a player earn Rs. 15/- for referring a friend and gives tokens for logging in daily.

12. 21 Blitz By Skillz:

21 Blitz By Skillz
image source: 21 Blitz By Skillz

If a player is in card games like Solitaire or Blackjack, 21 Blitz is the game for you. It is a mixture of Blackjack and Solitaire and hence, you can have double enjoyment. A player can play free or cash games against their family members or friends to win rewards, bonuses, and cash prizes. The gaming platform comes with a chat option for players while the game is on.

13. Fan Fight:

Fan Fight
image source: Fan Fight

Fan Fight is a fantasy cricket gaming app to earn money and cash prizes daily. On the Fan Fight gaming platform, a player can participate in live sports such as basketball, football, cricket, kabaddi, and many more. A player needs to create his own team for the matches and win points based on the team’s performance. Also, a player can play with family members and friends to win cash prizes on PayTM.

14. GameGully:

image source: GameGully

Just like any entertaining gaming application, GameGully is a gaming app to earn money and cash prizes while playing. The gaming application continuously adds new and interesting games to keep the players engaged in the app. Some of the games a player can play to earn money are Gully Runner, Soccer 2D, Bubble Shooter, Basketball, Brain On, and many more.

15. Rummy Circle:

Rummy Circle
image source: Rummy Circle

Well, everybody has heard about Rummy. Rummy Circle is a famous online gaming rummy platform in India. It’s a card online game for two or more players of a team. In this game, the main target is to lay down all cards in a combination of three or more in a group or sequence of the same suit. Players can join online tournaments to compete with other teams or players. They can earn cash prizes and rewards. This gaming app has various games or Rummy format, including pool rummy, tournaments, and famous points rummy.

16. Gamezy:

image source: Gamezy

The Gamezy App is also one of the most popular gaming apps used by Indians widely. This app includes 15+ fun and entertaining games such as Ludo, Fantasy Sports, Run Boy Run, Sheep Fight, Rummy, and Fruit Slice. Win different types of games and win lots of cash prizes for your Paytm wallet. It has some special features like Free games, 100% Bonus Games, Gadget Leagues, and much more.

17. Pocket Money:

Pocket Money
image source: Pocket Money

With this gaming application, you can grow your pocket money. Pocket Money Application is a suitable app to play different online games and earn pocket money on a PayTM wallet. Players can play Tambola, Install apps, watch videos, and visit recommended apps for daily earning money. The application generates income from the advertising model and distributes it to the players and users.

18. Galo App:

Galo App
image source: Galo App

With this gaming application, you can grow your pocket money. Pocket Money Application is a suitable app to play different online games and earn pocket money on a PayTM wallet. Players can play Tambola, Install apps, watch videos, and visit recommended apps for daily earning money. The application generates income from the advertising model and distributes it to the players and users.

19. GetMega:

image source: GetMega

GetMega is an interesting online gaming platform to earn real money daily. Players can chat with their friends or other players while they’re playing matches. It has round-the-clock real-time leaderboards that give you a chance to win PayTM cash. It possesses casual sports, card games, trivia games, and lots more.

20. Loco:

Loco App
image source: Loco

Launched in 2017, Loco is a live game streaming application for players. Players, there are many games for you such as FIFA, Call of Duty, etc. It offers single-player and multiple-player battles to earn cash prizes and real money. Also, it has Ludo and Carrom that can help a player earn money. It has game-related tutorials and videos.

21. Blackout Bingo:

Blackout Bingo
image source: Blackout Bingo

For bingo enthusiasts, Blackout Bingo is a legitimate money-making app. It provides a distinctive take on bingo with customizable avatars and thrilling boosters. Play against gamers across the world to win incentives, rewards, and cash prizes.

22. KhelPlay Rummy:

KhelPlay Rummy
image source: KhelPlay Rummy

Use the KhelPlay Rummy app to have an amazing time playing rummy. Traditional Indian rummy games including pool rummy, deals rummy, and points rummy are available on this platform as cash games and tournaments. KhelPlay Rummy is unique since it offers referral bonuses in addition to a 200% welcome bonus. On this platform, players can bid and win, receiving four times the amount in PayTM cash prizes.

23. Qeeda:

image source: Qeeda

The Qeeda app, developed by Gorz Infotech, is an online earning game application that lets players purchase and earn shopping credits, coupons, offers, and cashback while playing PayTM cash games. Along with games like Dots & Boxes, Ludo, and others, the app offers fantasy sports competitions and tournaments. Along with creating messages, jokes, and quotes, players can also make money by engaging in various activities.

24. BrainBaazi:

image source: BrainBaazi

For everyone who enjoys trivia and quizzes, BrainBaazi is an essential application for gaming. From Monday through Friday, it broadcasts two daily quizzes live between 12 noon and 8:30 p.m. Numerous quiz categories, including General Knowledge, Maths, Movies, Entertainment, Sports, and more, are available on the app. BrainBaazi is a unique app that offers actual cash prizes for winning money-earning games, as well as rewards for executing successful referrals.

25. Gamezop:

image source: Gamezop

Gamezop gaming application is a kind of cash-earning game platform where a player can play games on a desktop, PC, browser, or laptop to earn PayTM cash. A player can participate in online cash games using tablets and smartphones. He/she can get money on the app by playing games and referring others. The Gamezop application can only be used with an internet browser and is not accessible on the Play Store or App Store.


In conclusion, these gaming apps to earn money are great ways to make money in India with a variety of gaming apps. With the help of these apps, users can play a variety of games and win money, rewards, or cash prizes.

A user can easily make some extra cash and can enjoy playing games on these apps. But one thing a user should keep in mind is that there are risks associated with these apps, so whenever a user plays online, they should always take the appropriate safety measures.

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