Vicky and Ankita Viral Video: Intimate Moment Caught on Camera

Vicky and Ankita Viral Video: Bigg Boss, the most talked-about and controversial show in India, is almost finished. This season’s finale will happen very soon.

Bigg Boss 17 also features a large number of social media influencers and TV performers. This season is also receiving a lot of love from people.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are a couple that have gained a lot of attention in this show.

As you may be aware, these two are husband and wife who have come together in order to compete on this show.

Vicky and Ankita Viral Video
Vicky and Ankita Viral Video

Vicky Ankita Viral Video

During this time, these two pairs played an excellent match and multiple disputes between them attracted a lot of attention from the public.

However, at the moment, this couple is quickly becoming popular. These two couples performed an amazing act in front of the cameras at Bigg Boss house, and the video has already gone viral on the internet.

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain were spotted having intimacy under the blanket on the Bigg Boss livestream.

Even the Bigg Boss rumor page on the social networking platform X has uploaded this video.

Ankit and Vicky can be seen in Dum’s room in the video. The caption asked, “What are Ankit and Vicky Bhaiya doing?” It is a family-friendly show

People began commenting on this video on social media as soon as it quickly became viral and received feedback.

One person commented, “Throw him out of the house; he broke the rules.” He is disobeying the rules, another person commented.

He is prepared to do whatever it takes for the game, another user stated. How flawless the game is in this regard, a gamer commented.

A few others have similarly supported Vicky and Ankita. It is unfortunate to publish such stuff for likes, a person commented. Have some shame.

It’s obvious to all that it’s simply a hug. She always sleeps with a cuddle. During an interview, she even stated that she always sleeps with a hug instead of on her side.

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