Urfi Javed Waitress Video: Urfi Javed become a waitress Mumbai Restaurant Truth Revealed

Fashion is Urfi Javed’s thing she’s often in the news. While many appreciate Urfi on her unique style, some make fun of her.

Not for her style, but rather a video that she posted, Urfi is currently making headlines. Recent social media posts from Urfi include a video. which features her serving customers at a Mumbai restaurant.

In a video that Urfi Javed posted, she can be seen working as a waiter in a restaurant.

Urfi Javed Waitress Video
Urfi Javed Waitress Video

She may be seen taking orders and serving food to individuals in the footage. He is dressed in white slacks and a white shirt with a black apron on in the video.

Why Urfi Javed Works as Waitress

To support cancer patients, Urfi Javed has worked as a waiter. Dream has come true! Urfi stated in the caption of the video she posted of her restaurant on social media.

Everything relies on perspective; no task is too big or too small. For several hours, I had to step into the shoes of the waitress. I’m excited to donate my money to support cancer patients.

Urfi Javed’s video has received a lot of appreciation after being posted on social media.

A netizen made the statement, “Everyone talks about her clothes, but nobody recognizes her generosity.” She’s a really nice young woman. “This is inspiring,” said a different commenter.

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