Riya Upreti Income Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend

These days, a lot of people make use of social media and the internet in order to earn millions of rupees a month.

This happens because social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram have grown into fantastic ways to make money these days. You probably saw Riya Upreti at some time if you are also active on Instagram and YouTube. A lot of individuals follow Riya Upreti on YouTube and Instagram, where she is very well known.

Who is Riya Upreti

Riya Upreti is the CEO of the Indian startup Fobet and is well-known as a social media influencer and content creator. Riya, who is currently 22 years old, was born in 2001 in Delhi, the capital city of India.

Riya has gained a lot of popularity thanks to her educational YouTube and Instagram videos. Also, Riya hosts podcasts on her YouTube channel in addition to this. Fobet is an EdTech start-up that provides psychology-related education to people.

Riya founded Fobet to make it possible for all of these individuals to teach psychology through unconventional methods and to provide psychology-related assistance to others.

Income of Riya Upreti

In addition to running her own company, Riya Upreti makes things for social media sites like YouTube and Instagram that are either business-related or informational. She earns approximately 15-20 lakh there each month. In terms of Riya Upreti’s net worth, it is estimated to be between 2-3 crore. His company and social media platforms are his primary sources of income.

Riya Upreti Boyfriend

According to Riya Upreti’s statement in the most recent podcast with Ishaan Sharma on his YouTube channel, she left college in her second year to concentrate entirely on growing her business. Regarding Riya Upreti’s Boyfriend, a lot of people are still looking. Let us thus inform you that, based on sources, Riya Upreti is single at the moment and, if she is, she has kept it a secret.

Riya Upreti Instagram

With over 6 lakh followers, Riya Upreti has immense popularity on the social media platform. Riya posts educational and business-related stuff on Instagram.


Now, if we discuss Riya Upreti’s revenue from Instagram, she makes between 3 and 4 lakh rupees a month only from the platform. She charges between 1 and 2 lakh rupees for brand deals on the platform.

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