Rashmika Mandanna Income: Net Worth, House, Cars, Boyfriend

If you enjoy watching movies, you have probably heard of Rashmika Mandanna and watched her in the recently released film Pushpa, which was a box office success.

We’re going to provide you with information on Rashmika Mandanna Income in this article because many of her fans have been curious about it.

In addition to this, you will learn a great deal of other details about Rashmika Mandanna, including her net worth.

Rashmika Mandanna Net Worth

Rashmika Mandanna’s net worth is reportedly approximately $5.4 million, which is around ₹45 crore.

Rashmika Mandanna Income

Rashmika Mandanna’s acting and modeling have made her popular, and as a result, these three pursuits account for the majority of her income. In regards to Rashmika Mandanna’s income, rumor has it that she makes between $72k and $84k, which is around ₹60-₹70 lakh per month. But if we discuss his yearly income, it comes to roughly $900k, which is around ₹8 crore.

Rashmika Mandanna Income from Instagram

Rashmika Mandanna Income
Rashmika Mandanna Income

Another social media platform where Rashmika Mandanna is extremely active is Instagram. She regularly uses the platform to share her photos and videos with other users. She currently has more than 40 million Instagram followers. Regarding Rashmika Mandanna’s earnings via Instagram, as per amny reports she approximitaly charges between ₹15-₹20 lakh for commercial partnerships.

Rashmika Mandanna House

Rashmika Mandanna, much like other celebrities, has made significant investments in real estate across different cities in India. Her profession as an actress takes her across the country, prompting her to acquire various properties.

Notably, she owns a lavish apartment in Mumbai, a bungalow worth ₹8 crore, and stunning properties in Goa, Coorg, and Hyderabad. Media reports have highlighted Rashmika’s ownership of homes in these cities, showcasing her diverse real estate portfolio.

Rashmika Mandanna Car Collection

You will see a number of cars in Rashmika Mandanna’s collection because she shares an intense love for cars. Rashmika reportedly used her money to invest in a number of high-end cars. she owns Toyota Innova, a Hyundai Creta, an Audi Q3, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and a Range Rover Sport.

Rashmika Mandanna Boyfriend

Star Rashmika Mandanna and Telugu actor “Dheekshith Shetty” are reportedly in a long-term relationship, according to media sources.

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