Ordering Train Food via WhatsApp: Here’s How to Get Food Delivered to Your Seat

Ordering Train Food via WhatsApp: If you would like to place an online meal order while traveling on a train via WhatsApp, you’ve come to the correct spot. Ordering food inside a train has never been easier thanks to Indian Railways, which is constantly adding new amenities to improve the experience of its customers. We will walk you through the entire process of placing a meal order on a train using WhatsApp.

With this feature, you can easily order food from a Railway Authorised Restaurant to be brought to your seat on the train. You won’t even have to get up from your seat or go anywhere else. Now tell us how to train food through WhatsApp.

How to Order Food in Train Through WhatsApp

Here are the steps you need to take to order food through WhatsApp while you’re sitting on the train.

First, you need to open this link https://wa.me/918750001323 which will open the IRCTC eCatering official WhatsApp on your phone.

irctc food
Ordering Train Food via WhatsApp

Now you need to send your PNR number to this number. Then IRCTC will send you a link right away that you can use to order food to be brought to your place.

Once you click on the link in the WhatsApp message, pick the place where you want to eat and pick out the food you want to order at your seat.

The food will be brought to your seat at the desired eating station once you place your order. This won’t require you to travel anyplace.

You can easily order train food using WhatsApp from the comfort of your seat in this manner.

Through its eCatering service, Indian Railways provides more than 50,000 meals to passengers every day at their train seats. You can find nearly any kind of food in the Railways e-Catering facility, so if you’d want to order food to eat on board, use the IRCTC e-Catering facility.

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