Dunki Box Office Collection Day 9: Dunki earned so many crores

Dunki Box Office Collection Day 8: This movie Dunki has been eagerly awaited. This has long been anticipated by many. The biggest movie buzz of the year is for this one. Bollywood’s king, Shahrukh Khan, appears in this movie.

He is set to release three films this year, including this one. He’d already done two films before this. The box office performance of both of his flicks has been favourable. Thanks to their enormous financial gains, both movies have become successful.

He now has similar hopes for his third picture. We’ll say that this movie features a ton of excellent actors. Taapsee Pannu performs the female lead in this movie alongside Shahrukh. However, we will also be able to see performers like Vicky Kaushal and Boman Irani.

Furthermore, advance tickets for this movie have been purchased. Four or five days in advance was when booking began. This movie has already been reserved in advance.

Dunki Box Office Collection

Day 9: ₹7.25 crore

Day 8: ₹9.00 crore.

Day 7: As per the report, the film has earned ₹9.75 crore.

Day 6: According to a report, the film has earned ₹10.25 crore.

Day 5: The movie made ₹22.50 crore.

Day 4: A report claims that the movie brought in ₹31.50 crore.

Day 3: The movie reportedly made ₹25.5 crore at the box office.

Day 2: This movie can bring in about ₹20.12 crore at the box office today, according to a report.

Day 1: This movie made almost ₹30 crore on its opening day.

Rajkumar Hirani, the greatest director in Bollywood, helmed the Donki movie. A superb director is Rajkumar Hirani.

In his videos, we witness a variety of experiments. His movies have had great box office success. He directed one of Bollywood’s greatest movies.

Filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani is an advocate of experimental cinema. Rajkumar Hirani could affect the Dunki Box Office Collection.

A few days ahead of the movie’s release, advance booking for it began. Pre-booking for the movie Donkey has been really positive.

This movie has sold a sizable amount of tickets. This movie has already been reserved in advance. Everything has been set up to take this movie to new heights thanks to Shahrukh’s appeal.

Making reservations in advance will also be highly beneficial for Dunki Box Office Collection.

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