Bump Season 3 Review: New Challenges for Oly and Santi Await

Prepare to go back into the fantastical realm of Bump with its eagerly anticipated third season! We’ll delve into the lives of Oly, Santi, and all the wonderful characters we like in this comprehensive assessment. Get ready for an intense emotional rollercoaster as Season 3 is going to take you on.

In the story of “Bump,” Oly starts feeling unsatisfied in her life, leading her to connect with someone new. At the same time, Santi is having difficulties in introducing his new girlfriend to his daughter.

Meanwhile, Angie’s perspective on life changes drastically after receiving a significant diagnosis. This diagnosis influences how she interacts and relates to Dom, her partner.

Through these emotional and challenging situations, the characters in “Bump” navigate their relationships and lives, making this captivating journey one that fans have grown to love.

New Confrontations Unveiled for Oly and Santi

Bump Season 3 Review

Stan has finally released the much-awaited third season of Bump, continuing the story from where season 2 ended. It shows Oly and Santi moving into their first home with baby Jacinda.

But surprise! When we get to season 3, we see Jacinda starting her first day of kindergarten, and it turns out that Oly and Santi have separated.

Santi has a new girlfriend named KeekS, who seems really supportive and kind. However, Santi is finding it hard to introduce her to Jacinda.

This new season is all about diving into the difficulties of relationships and dealing with the hurdles of moving forward after a breakup.

New Challenges In the Lives Of Bump’s Beloved Characters

Oly is having trouble feeling fulfilled, so she starts to go off course and turns to her friend Madison for comfort. Her academic career has also been arduous, especially because of her lecturer, Michael.

However, Angie’s perspective on life changes dramatically after being diagnosed with cancer, which affects her complex relationship with Dom.

Creator Kelsey Munro expertly uses a time jump to show off how Oly and Santi—as well as the other adored characters, have changed over time.

The outstanding ensemble gives the content depth by capturing the rocky, funny, and poignant path of life.

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